Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching

What is Creative Coaching?

Creative coaching is also referred to as creativity coaching. It’s a way of encouraging people to develop creative skills to work through blockages or overcome barriers. Creativity is about thinking in a new way, often through storytelling or emotional expression, which is what we see from writers, musicians and the artistic.

It is also about problem-solving, idea generating and reaching a solution differently by exploring ideas that are creative and unconventional. Key for those launching their own business.

Creative coaching can help you to develop your artistic talents, skills, and interests. Working with a creative coach can also help you to overcome your troubled areas such as imposter syndrome, self-doubt or low self-esteem.

How can creative coaching help?

A coach won’t tell you what to do or do the work for you. Instead, they’ll encourage you to see things from new perspectives, overcome stumbling blocks, providing support throughout the process.

Working with a coach offers you space to explore your creative ideas. A coach provides support and guidance and acts as your accountability partner.

Coaches use various techniques to help you gain clarity. And through clarity comes the impetus to act, move forward. With your goal in mind, a creative coach can open you up to forging a clear path to achieving the outcome.

Who is creative coaching for?

The term creative coach may lead you to believe that a creative coach only works with artists, painters, writers, musicians etc.

However, creative coaching is for you, if

  • Your job role includes a creative element
  • You are launching a creative business
  • You want help working on your creative hobby
  • You are looking to turn that creative hobby into a business
  • From a vision to reality through creative thinking moving on or forward can require a leap of faith in learning to trust that little voice within; your intuition.

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