Email Coaching

Email Coaching

What is Email Coaching?

Email coaching uses email as the sole form of communication between coach and client. It is a process aimed at maximising a person’s potential and performance through an exchange of emails between coach and client.

Email coaching differs from other coaching by using written word in preference to the spoken word. Email happens in free time while conversation happens in real-time.

Communication is asynchronous while verbal communication is synchronous. Email communication, unlike conversation, leaves a permanent and complete trail of the coaching exchange.

Coach and coachee can review and consider what has been covered and prepare for the next step. Coach and coachee are on the same page.

Progress is documented by the coachee. This is rewarding and motivating in terms of dreams and goals becoming reality. The conversations are an historical time-stamp, a diary documenting your journey.

There is generally a greater commitment to accountability when a goal has been written down. If you write it, it exists. There is commitment and a feeling of responsibility to achieve.

Accountability is a central pillar of the coaching process. Without accountability, coaching has not happened. The action of coaching takes place in the coachee’s life. And the action of writing down your plans and goals sets the stage for accountability.

Email coaching unfolds gradually. There is no weekly session. The process is ongoing.

Conversation covers more ground more quickly and there tends to be a long gap between sessions which is not always used effectively.

Email coaching eliminates the need for scheduling coaching sessions, aligning calendars, cancelling, postponing, rescheduling, etc. This also means that there are no time-zone limitations.

Coach and coachee can correspond from any location on the globe. Email coaching breaks down some language barriers.For example, if english isn’t your first language, email conversation provides a way to slow down, take time to gather your thoughts, without feeling that there is a barrier of understanding.

Tip: If you have something to share or ask, why not send your email at the end of the day? I look forward to hearing about your wins and thoughts in my inbox. I will endeavour to reply within 24 hours (Mon-Thur).

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