Online Coaching

Online Coaching

What is online Coaching?

Online coaching is an interactive, friendly conversation between coachee and coach either via video or audio.

You can let me know of your preference on the day or beforehand.

Coming to your session relaxed

Where possible, at least ten minutes before you attend your session, take a moment away from your activities or busyness and either meditate, put on music of your choice, or simply have a cuppa in your favourite space so that you can come to the session.

Find yourself a nice spot where you are uninterrupted. Remember your time is precious and important you want to gain the most from this interaction.

Booking your session

Session times are subject to availability and mutual agreement. Payment is taken when you book your session.

To get the most from your 45 minute session, I will send you an introductory package when you book and I encouraging you to complete as many of the questions as you can and return them to me 48 hours before our session begins. This helps you gain clarity and achieve the most in your online session. I will send you a link to join the appointment at your mutually agreed time, the day before or on the day of our session.

What do I need for my session?

Pick up a pen and notebook or a device of choice and be ready to make notes.

Send your completed forms in 48 hrs before we start. There is generally a greater commitment to accountability when a goal has been written down. If you write it, it exists. There is commitment and a feeling of responsibility to achieve.

What happens if I can’t make it?

In the event that you are unable to attend your online session please provide 48 hrs notice and we can choose a different date to begin or continue our conversation.

For a full refund, please give 48 hours notice of cancellation.

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