When Tomorrow Comes

“Tomorrow I will explore new horizons. Tomorrow I will see what lies beyond. Definitely tomorrow!” And as the day dawned Mojo roamed far and beyond her comfort zone. Over rickety fences, across manicured lawns, down neighbouring streets, high up in suburban trees. Mojo explored the length and breadth. Oh the tales Mojo would recite of dogs and mice and kitty spats and dinner snatched. If only you could understand the tales told in feline tongue. Instead Mojo sits and purrs, contentment needs no words. As she closes her eyes fulfilled and tired, today’s adventure is already tomorrow’s story to remember. As you lay your head upon your pillow and dream that dream so vividly, that dream of possibilities, hold on to it. In your waking hours, hold on to it. Put one foot in front of the other and explore each step alone or with help, love and support. And in the future when the past asks you how you’ve been, when the past asks about the decision make and challenges faced, what will you say? When tomorrow comes…” – Nicola McDonald